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Talent Spotlight! – Creative Copywriter, Amy

From big brands to small niches, Amy C. specializes in copy creation for web, print, and media campaigns. Her experience ranges from writing articles for a performance marketing publication with a focus on CPA-based advertising to developing and executing a social media program for a multimillion dollar beverage company. Amy is determined to be the best at what she does and sets a high bar for the quality of her work, ensuring winning results for her clients.

Amy is professional and confident in her work, attributes that led to her current writing position with Staples. Her Career Advocate Jamie Blumenthal explains, “Though the role is quite high level, the client moved quickly to engage her as she came with glowing recommendations. I would put her in front of any client, with the confidence she would impress.” This is Amy’s second assignment with CM Access; she previously exercised her writing muscles as a copywriter with Fitness Together.

While Amy enjoys all media and styles, writing for web is ultimately her favorite. She works to stay up to the minute and on the pulse of trending topics that command attention. She loves to take her content, test it, track it and optimize it to maximize results – a practice her clients appreciate!  Amy doesn’t turn off her creativity when she steps away from the office. Her creative juices flow around the clock and she often finds herself coming up with new ideas and inspiration while she’s out “living life.” Amy brainstorms and collaborates with colleagues to increase her perspective and overcome dreaded “writer’s block.”

Asked for her advice to up and coming writers, she encouraged them, “Be yourself and bring originality to your work. Don’t settle for a job that is just a paycheck. It’s not about the money or your job title, stick to your guns and believe in your talent. The perfect job will come along. Until then, accept the struggle and embrace canned foods!”

Check out Amy’s writing samples:

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Accomplished Writer Julia Shines in April Talent Spotlight

With an impressive resume and down to earth, friendly attitude, Julia C. is the ideal candidate and in the spotlight this month for CM Access. Julia is a professional writer, editor and researcher with over twenty years of experience in roles ranging from Sr. Editor, Content Manager to author of a non-fiction book.

CM Access Lead Career Advocate Lisa Manning matched Julia with a Sr. Copywriter role for a large retailer’s in-house team. Julia was impressed with Lisa’s personalized touch and ability to quickly find a position that met her career interests. Looking to transition from agency roles to in-house positions, Julia welcomed the opportunity. She thoroughly enjoyed copywriting for a variety of integrated channels including print, digital and newsletters. Julia also had a hand in the development of a social media strategy, focusing on brand points consumers are passionate about to build a community, increase interaction and bolster viral reaction. She says it was a “great experience” and calls Lisa a “huge support.” As the mother of three children and an established writer, she appreciates that temporary staffing offers both flexibility and a wide array of opportunities.

Julia appreciates roles that enable her to help distinguish a brand and give it greater reach. She especially enjoyed her experience with a respected medical journal as Lead Copywriter. Working with creative, design and marketing teams she crafted and mastered the distinct tone, image and brand messaging, speaking to each publication’s various audiences. She relishes learning the vocabulary and specialties of each client she works with.

Julia’s creativity is not all work and no play. She flexes her creative muscles recreationally as the voice of New England Patriot’s coach Bill Belichick in her own parodical blog. Notorious for his vague comments to the press, Julia felt this was the perfect opportunity to give Belichick an open mic and have some fun. Since February, Belichick has been on hiatus, but Julia assures us he’ll be back once the draft gets started.

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