How Star Trek Can Help Your Management Style…

Trekkies everywhere have something to smile about!  Apparently, watching old reruns of Star Trek can help you more effectively manage your team.   According to this recent article in Forbes, taking a few lessons in interpersonal communication and management style from Captain James T. Kirk can be a boon to your success.

Can we take a cue from Kirk and his leadership skills, and how he successfully managed his crew while taking the Enterprise through uncharted space?  Maybe.

Just as Kirk and the Enterprise traveled through “strange new worlds” each week while we watched safely from our living rooms, managers have their own navigational challenges. Successfully leading a marketing or creative team through the unknown – from staffing issues to tight project timelines – requires stellar skills.

Perhaps our parents weren’t right about too much TV after all — it might just make us better managers. Let us know what you think!

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